Tessisamess' Mod Checklist


Time to put your thinking cap on; this section is dedicated to all the stuff you need to handle before you even make anything! Having a solid idea before you start and really knowing what you want to do is a big time-saver in the end. This is the perfect time to decide your premise, what is going to make you stand out from other games, and how you want your game to run.

Initial Setup

Getting all of your accounts and pages created from the start is a great way to keep on task; it also insures that you know all of the link URLs associated to your game's information even before the content is ready, so that when you're setting up navigation in various areas you can go ahead and get everything linked up!


Having cohesive coding game-wide is more important than you might think! Look at your game as a product that you want to sell. Successful products utilize two things: Great marketing and even better function. Spend more time on your premise and function, but don't forget to make the packaging to the same standard! A great game can fail due to poor navigation and broken coding. Need help finding codes and layouts? The tags over at RP Resources and RP Tutorials are great places to find makers!

*Don't forget to have navigation links on every page so that applicants never feel lost!


You want all of your information in place when your game opens; try to be proactive when doing things like the FAQ, and try to think like an applicant when reviewing your information and forming hypothetical questions to answer; you want applicants to have as few questions as possible when they hold a character. Don't go overboard, though, and forgo tedious information that could seem unnecessary; people like to feel well informed—not overwhelmed! Remember to always have easy ways for players to contact you. MOD JOURNAL



Ahhh, you're almost there. The excitement of success is so close, and you can't wait to open your game and start accepting applications! But wait a minute; are you forgetting something? To make sure you aren't, go through the following and save yourself some headaches in the long run! Things like not proofing your material make a big difference in how your game is viewed, so do it now and you won't have to worry about it later!