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Fake lj user tags!

The quick & dirty fake lj user guide!

Yay, fake lj user codes!

These are super useful if you want your user tags to look nice in IJ entry view, or if you want to link to someone on another journaling site and want it to look a certain way. This is a VERY short tutorial, so let's get right into it!

What do we need?

When you type <lj user="name"> it generates a more complex set of links for you, making this shorthand extremely useful. But if you need more control over the appearance, don't worry--the lj user tag is only comprised of two parts: an image link and a text link.

username username username

The bare minimum

All you will need for a fake lj user tag is the following:

<a href="http://username.insanejournal.com/profile"><img src="IMGURL" style="margin-bottom:-4px;"></a><a href="http://username.insanejournal.com/">username</a>
The only thing important to note is the style="margin-bottom:-4px;" inside of the image tag. You cannot skip this or your icon will sit wonky. Otherwise, any styling is totally optional!

Username Links lj user tags contain two links: An icon that links to the account profile and a text username that links to the root of their account.

Profile Link Icon Your profile link icon should either be a square dimension (same WxH) or be exactly 16x16 for accuracy.

Extra styling

This is still fairly bare minimum, but it covers some common things people will likely need from time to time:

<a href="http://username.insanejournal.com/profile"><img src="IMGURL" style="width:16px;height:16px;margin-bottom:-4px;"></a><a href="http://username.insanejournal.com/" style="text-decoration:none;color:#6B9F97;">username</a>
Optional If your icon is larger than 16x16 by default you'll need to define it in the code. If you want extra niceness in the name link you can define that as well via text decoration, color, etc.

♡ You're Done! ♡