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Biosheet: Aesthetically

★ Heidi Ossa
I dreamt about you near me every night this week BIOGRAPHY
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How many secrets can you keep? HOME


Hey guys; a second code today—hooray! This one's a fun little mini bio where you can click back and forth between visuals and info; I think it'd also be SUPER cute for a Wanted Line type deal. Enjoy! ♥

(I'm currently trying to work out some issues on Patreon, so if you're waiting for subscription fulfillments over there please go see my latest post!)

Coding: Single

Coding: Multiple-in-One

*When using this version make sure each single block has its own set of bio and home links; you can do this by changing them to the character's name or anything else you like, or by simply adding a number to the end of each one! Example: a name="home1" and a href="home1" and a name="bio1" and a href="bio1"

Installation Guide

Paste into an entry and fill in the following!

Title - Header title
SUBTITLE1 - Front footer subtitle
BIOGRAPHY - Link text to back
BIOIMG - Top image in bio
BIOHERE - Bio text (can add inner structure coding to this area)
SUBTITLE2 - Back footer subtitle
HOME - Link text to front

Editing Guide

Paste the coding into Notepad or similar and bring up Replace All (usually Ctrl+H) to replace values quickly and easily!

century gothic - Overall font

#fff Overall background
#eee Footer background
#ddd Image backgrounds (just there for space representation)
#bf2a26 Title background, bio link, home link
#222 Overall text

Terms of Use

♡ Do not remove credit.
♡ Do not redistribute my codes in part or in whole (posting a copy for players to use in your game is fine with a link to original post.)
♡ If you break something during editing, please feel free to drop me a comment and I'll help as best I can!
♡ I love seeing edits! This isn't a rule, but if you have a cool edit of one of my codes I'd love to see it!


Jul. 3rd, 2018 04:56 pm (UTC)
This is cute!!!
Jul. 19th, 2018 07:01 pm (UTC)
Thank you! :DDD