Hey guys, I've got an important update!

As you may know from previous posts since the new year, I have a pretty big project I've been working on for all of you! Lately, I haven't had the energy/time to work on both that and the monthly scheduled work that your funding continues to help create, so I've been having to put it on the back burner so that I can keep posting our free monthly content.

That being said, I recently did a check-in on Patreon with my patrons, and the majority has helped me decide that June will be dedicated to this mysterious project! As any patrons who've read the post know, this will not change Patreon rewards for June—I'm just really excited to get this project finished, and I know you guys will be too once it drops!

I'm so excited to dedicate this month to the project so that I can finally get it finished, and I also can't wait to hit July running with a renewed energy, a great new release, and (of course!) lots of fun free codes and layouts for you guys to play with!

♡ See you next month! ♡


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