Layout Add-on: Sticky Navs



Hey guys! Today's layout is actually a layout add-on. What?! I know! These four sticky navigations will fit into ANY layout you're using (both Generator and Complete Style) without editing needed! (There may be certain exceptions where the layout conflicts, but they'll only need minor edits if that's the case.)

These will most likely work on DW too with the same concept as the Complete Style instructions, but I have not tested them out, so if you use them on DW and experience issues just let me know and I'll add DW notes to this post!

The instructions for each of these are on the demo page, so the only editing info on this page will be the colors and a couple of small notes. Enjoy, and let me know if you would like to see more plug & play addons like these! ♥

Editing Guide

#fff - Menu title and link color
255,255,255 - Link border (semi-tranparent rgba value)
#444 - Hidden menu background
#222 - Nav background

#fff - Popup menu background
#eee - Link background
#ddd - Link hover background
#aaa - Menu title
#333 - Text/link color
0,0,0 - Popup overlay background (semi-tranparent rgba value)

*Change left:0;top:0; in #sticky-nav to reposition the menu icon for Nav #2.

#fff - Dropdown background
#ddd - Borders and link hover background
#222 - Link color

*Change top:25px;right:25px; in #sticky-nav to reposition the dropdown for Nav #3.

#fff - Link and dropdown text color
#bbb - Text color
0,0,0 - Menu and dropdown background (semi-tranparent rgba value)

*The font used in all the demos is Oswald. If you want to use this for your sticky nav, just declare the font in #sticky-nav with font-family:Oswald; and make sure you embed the font in your CSS from Google Fonts.

Terms of Use

♡ Do not remove credit.
♡ You may add this to your layouts with the intent to redistribute them as long as you leave my credit header in the CSS.
♡ If you break something during editing, please feel free to drop me a comment and I'll help as best I can!
♡ I love seeing edits! This isn't a rule, but if you have a cool edit of one of my codes I'd love to see it!


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