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Hey guys! Oh boy have I had this one on my mental to-do list for ages. I'm super hype to have it made and ready to use! This bio code mimics various Wikia sites and their formatting; the thing I love most about using Wikia as a base, other than being able to fill in an extremely robust bio, is that no matter what colors, images, fonts, or sections you have it's still going to feel like a Wikia entry. So go nuts; have fun!

This code comes in two forms: In-entry and HTML page. The HTML page has a few extra bells and whistles that you just can't get with an in-entry code, but if you don't have a paid account, don't want to host off-site, or just prefer having it in an entry, I've got you covered!

Each section is inside of a details tag, so you can expand and collapse at your preference, and easily choose which sections are expanded by default. Enjoy! ♥

Coding: In-Entry

Coding: HTML Page

Installation Guide

Paste into an entry and fill in the following!

Name Here - Your name titles (multiple; use replace all)

SIDEIMG - Sidebar image
Realname through Lifestatus - General information
Gender through Feature - Characteristics
Aliasname through Job - Extended information

Bulk sections should be pretty easy to locate and edit so I won't list them here because it's a long list lol, but let me know if you're having issues finding something!

Editing Guide

Paste the coding into Notepad or similar and bring up Replace All (usually Ctrl+H) to replace values quickly and easily!

helvetica,arial,sans-serif - Entry code
Open Sans,helvetica,arial,sans-serif - HTML page

ICOURL - Tab icon (HTML)
http://i.imgur.com/mxTuE0o.jpg - Page background (HTML)
https://i.imgur.com/16AkA0K.png - OOC info icon (HTML)

#fff - Container background, info popup background (HTML), sidebar titles
#eee - Sidebar background
#ddd - Selection background (HTML), body background (HTML)
#111 - Overall text
#000 - Links, headers, sidebar header backgrounds (change this for a bolder accent color)
0,0,0 - All borders (semi-transparent rgba value)

Terms of Use

♡ Do not remove credit.
♡ Do not redistribute my codes in part or in whole (posting a copy for players to use in your game is fine with a link to original post.)
♡ If you break something during editing, please feel free to drop me a comment and I'll help as best I can!
♡ I love seeing edits! This isn't a rule, but if you have a cool edit of one of my codes I'd love to see it!


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