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Layout: Cast Sorter

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Hey guys! I have been dying to make this layout all year, and doubly dying to post it once I did make it. What is this layout? Well, I'll tell ya! Today's layout is a sortable cast list integration. You put in a teeny tiny code each time you update with a new character, tag it with the filters you want to be able to sort your cast list by (fandom, gender, team, species, faction—the possibilities are only limited by what you need for your game's setup!) and post! That's it!

That means this layout is great for cutting down on mod work, because you don't have to sort through lines of code to find and delete past characters or to edit current ones or add new ones in. You just locate the entry you need, or post a new one! To cut down on work even further, you can add the entry code to your players' welcome note and have them fill it out for you with their info and all you'll have to do is paste it in!

The friends and archive pages still function normally, so don't worry about weird entry glitches when you're not using the cast list view. Enjoy! ♥

Layout Coding

Entry Coding

Installation Guide

♡ Go to Basics and choose S2 for your style system, fill in your title and subtitle, then save.
♡ Fill in your links list if desired, then save.
♡ Go to Look and Feel, choose Complete Style, then save.
♡ Go to Custom Options and choose the following options:
Layout Type: Two Column (sidebar on left)
Disable customized comment pages for your journal: Yes
Navlink titles: Recent, Archive, Friends, Profile
Link text to leave a comment: Comment
Display of tags in sidebar: List
♡ Order your sidebar as desired!
Person to credit if you have an individually created layout: Layout by Tessisamess
URL to link the credit to: http://tessisamess.insanejournal.com/
Custom stylesheet: Input the CSS provided and save!

Adding Castmembers

Post a new entry with the code given above (cast images must be square), making sure to tag the entry so that the sorter works. I'd also suggest putting the character's name as the entry title so that if you're ever in the archive view you know what you're looking for.

After posting the entry, copy the entry URL, edit the entry, and paste it into ENTRYURL so that you have an easy way to get back into the entry if you ever need to edit or delete it.

Editing Guide

Paste the coding into Notepad or similar and bring up Replace All (usually Ctrl+H) to replace values quickly and easily!

PAGEBGHERE - Page background; leave as is for black
https://i.imgur.com/jD2q3pr.png - Security icons
https://i.imgur.com/Ou3Ej5A.png - User/comm icons

Raleway - Page text
Creepster - Header text

#fff - Header text, cast overlay text, entry background, module background
#ddd - Sidebar link border
#999 - Date and tags
#9a2424 - Headings and non-cast list view links
#333 - Entry text (non-cast list view), sidebar text
0,0,0 - Cast overlay backgrounds, non-cast view entry borders, tag hover background

http://i.imgur.com/YlofFIe.png - User and Private icon
http://i.imgur.com/XnO8SxL.png - Community and Locked icon

Terms of Use

♡ Do not remove credit.
♡ Do not redistribute my codes in part or in whole (posting a copy for players to use in your game is fine with a link to original post.)
♡ If you break something during editing, please feel free to drop me a comment and I'll help as best I can!
♡ I love seeing edits! This isn't a rule, but if you have a cool edit of one of my codes I'd love to see it!


Oct. 20th, 2017 03:54 am (UTC)
This is seriously amazing, ahhhh! I am trying it out at [info]nolacastlist with some different colors.

One question... how hard would this be to tweak into a three column layout with the tags on one side and blurb and links on the other and the cast list in the middle, obviously? I can't probably figure out how to do it when I am more awake, but is it going to be a huge pain in the ass to do or would it be a pretty easy tweak?
Oct. 21st, 2017 01:50 am (UTC)
lalala never mind, I figured it out! You can see all my tweaks in action here.
Oct. 23rd, 2017 10:08 pm (UTC)
Oh, that looks so awesome!! ♥ Now that you've mentioned it though, I think I'm going to make a second version of a cast list layout sometime before the end of the year that supports all sidebar setups.
Oct. 23rd, 2017 10:10 pm (UTC)
Thank you!!! I love this concept so much that I’m also working on one as a muse list at [info]lenasmuses.
Oct. 22nd, 2017 08:02 am (UTC)
Ha! I'm glad you did that. I was thinking about doing it myself based on the Tumblr one that is really popular. I just never had time so yay :D
Oct. 23rd, 2017 10:09 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I love that one! It's just a shame you can't actually use it on IJ, so I was like... You know what, I could totally make an IJ-friendly code that functions the same way and not only works on IJ but works with IJ.
Oct. 29th, 2017 12:56 am (UTC)
Exactly! There was some concern that it could get super big and hard to edit but I think its doable so yay :D
Oct. 30th, 2017 06:07 am (UTC)

bookmarking this for the day i have the drive to overhaul my current/past character roster.
Oct. 30th, 2017 07:59 pm (UTC)
Tysm! ♥

Ohhh, I can't wait to see! I think edits of this one are gonna be super fun haha!
Oct. 31st, 2017 05:04 am (UTC)
it'll be a long day when i start doing that, cause i have been terrible at keeping it properly updated XD but it really is a great layout
Nov. 26th, 2017 08:53 pm (UTC)
In other news (after my other comment), even though it hasn't gotten anything up yet I did go and create a journal that will eventually be my character roster... and went with HTTYD concept art again XD [info]soufflerooster
Nov. 11th, 2017 07:07 am (UTC)
I just wanted to say that I redid my layout on this journal, and then I decided to use this layout and shift the fonts and colors a bit so that they worked together-ish with the one I used on my CDJ, and use this as my cast list sheet: [info]charactersbysab.

Which, I'll admit that I'm kind of in love with doing it this way, because I can tag things, and if I ever decide I completely want to redo it, I can work with the layout/CSS stuff to do that, rather than like, completely recoding all of my one hundred characters from scratch (like, I sort of joke, but I still am only halfway done with entering characters, so it is kinda like 100 characters and I always WANT a complete list, but then I get tired of re-coding constantly, and this is just so classic and searchable that I can't resist it.)

Anyway, in general thank you for being AWESOME.
Nov. 15th, 2017 11:18 pm (UTC)

And yeah, that was exactly my goal with this! I was like yanno. There's an easier way to track all this info that works hand in hand with the tagging system. We just have to use it lmfao.

And I love being able to filter things. A lot hahaha. I'm glad you like it! ♥
Nov. 20th, 2017 09:09 pm (UTC)
Combined this with elements of the Silvis layout to match my mod journal :D

Here is the product! -- [info]btscitizens
Nov. 25th, 2017 06:16 pm (UTC)
Using this here at [info]sharpestcast. Once again, I merged some of the coding from the Silvis to this layout so it matched my CDJ XD

I hope you like it!
Jan. 24th, 2018 05:20 am (UTC)
Hi, Tess!

Could I get some help, please? [info]alterni

I've tried to figure it out but I can't seem to remove the spaces between filter tags, like as shown on your live example. I would greatly appreciate the help, thank you!
Jan. 24th, 2018 05:26 am (UTC)
Sure! Could you add a temporary entry with tags for me? Currently only you can view the tags in your sidebar since none of them are in use. Once you do that I can check the issue for you; thank you! ♥
Mar. 29th, 2018 03:53 pm (UTC)
using this here with some modifications! I really wish IJ let you have more than 50 entries on a page, but this works! :) thanks for the awesome codes.
Apr. 2nd, 2018 03:45 pm (UTC)
Ohhh, I LOVE the way that looks with the aesthetics behind the icons! (Ugh, same dude.) Thank you!! ♥
May. 31st, 2018 04:56 am (UTC)
Using this code here as a mash up with the film grid code. Thank you for your awesome work.
May. 31st, 2018 05:00 am (UTC)
That is one REALLY NICE looking mashup, dude; I love it! ♥
May. 31st, 2018 05:04 am (UTC)
Thank you, it took an hour because I did it from my phone but I'm happy it turned out the way it did. ♡
May. 31st, 2018 05:05 am (UTC)
You're a real hero. I definitely wouldn't have had the patience for that lmao.
May. 31st, 2018 05:06 am (UTC)
Nah, my OCD wouldn't let me stop until it was perfect. Trust me I threw my phone once or twice. Thank God foe otterboxes.
May. 31st, 2018 05:08 am (UTC)
LOL, I swear I tried to post a tiny entry on my personal journal from my phone the other day while I was outside and I finally was just like nah it ain't that important. I'll just do it when I get back into the office hahaha. (Can you tell I literally never use IJ on my phone?)
May. 31st, 2018 05:11 am (UTC)
Lmao. I'm mostly on my phone. I tag from my phone, edit code from my phone, write chapters of stories from my phone etc. It's basically my laptop (That I only recently dusted off after months). Lmao. But alas it's bedtime for me. I have to drive three hours for training in the morning.