Tab icons (favicons) in S2 layouts

I've been asked how to use tab icons (technical term: favicons) on S2 styles many times. While technically there's always been a way to do this, it can seem very daunting and can only be done on paid or permanent accounts, so I've never recommended it (or even used it myself until this month for that matter.)

If you have a paid/perm account and are using an S2 layout, and would like to have a custom icon in your browser tab for your journal, just follow these instructions!

Site Path:
Customize > Advanced > Your Layers > Auto-generated Customizations: EDIT

Once in edit mode, scroll down past all currently compiled layer information (do not delete anything) and add the following:
function Page::print_custom_head(){
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="FAVICONURL">

Click save & compile at the top of the page and you're all set! This is not layout-specific, and should work for any S2 style.

Quick note for favicons in S1 Generator:
All you need to do for this style type is add the following after GLOBAL_HEAD<= in your usual layout coding (generally you'd just stick it in after your <title>):
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="FAVICONURL">

AND DON'T FORGET to check out all the exciting announcements I've got going on, including the launch of my Patreon! ♥


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