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Jun. 26th, 2017 06:35 pm (UTC)


Look Behind You is a game bundle featuring advanced animations and a full page display on the moderator journal, a community layout, and multiple codes for your in-entry needs, and is sold for $100 USD. If you'd like to purchase a copy of this bundle just reply to this comment following the instructions below!

Please Provide:
• Your email for delivery purposes (comments are screened.)
• The "feel" or theme you want your game to have (scary, girly, sleek, etc.; go into as much detail as you need!)
• As many background images as you'd like to be displayed in the design if you'd prefer more than one be used; remember to specify where each one should go if you have preferences on this.
• Your preferred color scheme (this layout has a minimal color scheme but can easily include more colors in its design.)
• Your preferred font types (you may refer specific fonts as long as they're standard web safe or hosted on Google Fonts.)
• Do you need any extra information sections? Which one(s) do you need and how many versions of them? What should they be titled?
• Links to any existing or placeholder entry pages (such as contact and directory) if you need them plugged in.
• Replace user/lock icons? Replace tab icon? (Ideas or image links welcome!)
• Any and all edit requests to the coding within this bundle.
• If you're unsure, feel free to ask first!
• Payment is due upon time of acceptance of your order (please do not pay when first submitting your order.)

If any of the above is left out I will assume it's up to me to choose, so make sure you don't accidentally leave anything out! Otherwise, "Just do whatever you want!" is always an acceptable answer; just make sure I have at least the feel/theme of your game and a game name. (You may also choose to buy a blank version and fill it in yourself if you like! If this is what you're looking for, just comment that you'd like to purchase the layout as-is.)
Jul. 8th, 2017 10:20 am (UTC)


OH SHIT DUDE, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm so glad to be back and receiving so much super great, positive feedback to all the changes and everything. ♥ THANK YOU!

Btw, those mood boards you made are tite as hell; I hope you have plans to keep posting! You should come over to [info]rpresources and cross-post there too. We'd love to have your codes prettying up the posts!

I know the feeling, hahaha. I've been redoing my #1 character's journal for weeks now because nothing is ever good enough for her lmfao. I'M RIGHT THERE WITH YOU MAN. YOU DON'T SUCK, YOU JUST SOUND LIKE YOU MIGHT BE A LOT LIKE ME AND GET WAY TOO CRITICAL OF YOURSELF. But thank you all the same; you're so sweet haha. I was on my way to bed when I got your notif on my phone and I was like NAH NEVERMIND I GOTTA ANSWER THIS FIRST LOL.

I love Fallout, and I'm actually from Vegas originally lmfao, so this'll be a lot of fun! I'll just need your email and the total cost with PayPal's fees (thanks PayPal) is $103.30 USD! I usually keep my weekends free to wrangle the kid and the dog, but if it's a slow weekend I'll get started early; if not I should be able to start this on Monday and have it to you by Tuesday sometime! I'M PRETTY HYPE TO DO THIS TBH.
Jul. 9th, 2017 08:57 pm (UTC)


LOL, it's np; invoice sent!

AWWWW NO THANK YOU STOP HAHA! That's honestly the coolest and, realtalk, I kind of thought you hated me before you commented over here LMFAO. But then again... that's kind of just how my brain works lmfao. Thank you, bipolar; you are truly a gem. But ughhh I'd kill to be able to have more advanced CSS in entries. OR ANY DIV STYLING AT ALL IN PROFILES.

But yeah nah man I totally get that. I try to keep up with comments and I'm well aware of how badly I fail lmfao.

Dude EXACTLY LMAO. Like I can usually nail it with most of my char journals (even if it takes some extra fighting than my work layouts), but then when it comes to this specific one I'm just like so attached that I can never really get what I want out of the design for her lmao.

Oh shit, you're from NV too? How about when people call it Ne-vahhhh_dah lmfao. I'm more midwest now and no one here knows how to say anything lmfao. They have a town called El Dorado Springs and they for real pronounce it El Dor-ayyyy-do. I lived in PHX for a while when I was 18, though! Small world! It's totally a legit excuse to run a New Vegas game lmao. I ran an extremely shortlived Vegas city game a few years back, so I feel you.