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Layout: Is This It?

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001: Informative Info
*unattractive noises* I realized I don't make many layouts with this setup, so heeeere you go! The text on the image is part of the code, so you can make it say whatever you want over whatever image you want, yaaay! I thought that would be cute and I like how it came out. Enjoy! <3
002: The Layout

003: Directions
→Go to Basics, choose S2, fill in your title and subtitle if desired, then save.
→Go to Look and Feel, choose Complete Style for the layout, then save.
→Go to Custom Options, and choose the following:
→Layout Type: Two column (Sidebar on left)
→Disable customized comment pages for your journal: Yes

→Link text to leave a comment: Comment

→Body of custom sidebar module: <img src="http://25.media.tumblr.com/d8398154bb782c5c4518f51c0af325bd/tumblr_mjyz0wF0Qs1ru61nro1_500.gif"><div class="mytitle"><br>i s<br>t h i s <br>i t ?</div>
(change as desired; when editing you may want to play with the styling of .mytitle in the CSS if it's not sitting how you want it to.)

→Body of second custom sidebar module: YOUR BLURB

→Person to credit if you have an individually created layout: Layout by Tessisamess
→URL to link the credit to: http://tessisamess.insanejournal.com/

→Sidebar Ordering: Custom text, nav links, custom text two, layout credit, (none) OR default is fine if you haven't edited these dropdowns previously

→Custom stylesheet: Input the code above and save

004: CTRL+F This Shit
#000 to change the sidebar background.
#111 to change the page background.
#222 to change link colors.
#555 to change entry/sticky header titles.
#666 to change sidebar font color.
#777 to change page font color.
#999 to change entry date color.
#ccc to change image and entry link borders.
#eee to change entries background.
#fbfbfb to change entry link background.
#fff to change font color on gif overlay and userpic border.
0, 0, 0 to change DARK border fade color.
255, 255, 255 to change LIGHT border fade color.

Biryani to change the sidebar title font.
Oswald to change the entry title font.
HELVETICA,SANS-SERIF to change the bulk font.
http://i.imgur.com/aEzXOrg.png to change the background pattern.
005: Rules and Shit
→Please put my credit in its designated spot.
→Do not remove my credit from the CSS.
→Do not redistribute in part or in whole.
→If you break something during editing don't be scared to ask me to see what happened. Yep. That's a rule.
→If you're a maker like I am and you do something cool with this I'd really like to see it, but it's not necessary.


Sep. 13th, 2015 11:38 pm (UTC)
Freaking beautiful!! I'll be using this soon :)
Sep. 13th, 2015 11:45 pm (UTC)
Hee ty! <3