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I still don't know what I was waiting forWhatever it was, he was pretty sure if they stopped at one more fucking store for crap they didn't even need he was going to start screaming.
Maybe it was just his natural instinct to hole up and sit on his ass kicking in, but Columbus was getting tired of spending every day driving. Maybe it was just that the truck was starting to smell like dude. Whatever it was, he was pretty sure if they stopped at one more fucking store for crap they didn't even need he was going to start screaming. A plan had been slowly forming and, while he was pretty sure he could get the girls on his side, Tallahassee was a tough man to talk to.

Well, he was easy to talk to, but if he didn't like what you were saying you might get knocked right in the teeth—and Tallahassee was right. Columbus, well, he was a bit of a bitch. Still, something had to change. It was getting harder and harder to find gas, and he couldn't be sure, but he thought maybe everyone else was as tired as he was and just didn't want to say so.

Columbus shifted in his seat, ass tingling uncomfortably, and he glanced over to the driver's side, at Tallahassee. It was probably the tenth time in as many minutes. He kept meaning to say something, but...
Maybe Columbus thought he was being subtle, but the way he kept looking at Tallahassee was really starting to get on his nerves. If he was going to start whining about something (or worse, talking about some kind of rules), Tallahassee kind of wished he'd just go ahead and get it over with. That way, Tallahassee could be pissed off, Columbus could fumble around trying to make it all go away, and then they could go back to normal. The more Columbus stared, the more Tallahassee was sure it was going to be something that would really piss him off. After all, wasn't like Columbus usually had that great a control of what came out of his mouth. For him to reconsider saying it? Hell, that had to be some serious stuff.

The girls were napping in the back, lulled to sleep by the drive. It was just the two of them left awake, no one to even distract Columbus from whatever it was on his mind, or Tallahassee from how much Columbus thinking so loud annoyed him. It was either pretend to ignore it and keep gritting his teeth until he had to pull over and smash something, or risk a heart-to-heart by bringing it up.

Eventually, though, the heart-to-heart won. "What, do I have brains in my hair or something? Thought I washed them all off, but you can't seem to keep your eyes off me, and I know it's not my pretty face."
"What? No!" Columbus stuttered, then backpedaled. "Not that your face isn't pretty—wait. That's not..."

Well, this was going great. Columbus had never had much in the way of what you'd call "people skills", which you'd think would matter even less now that the world had gone to shit, but...

"I've just been thinking," he admitted, glancing back at the girls before looking at Tallahassee again, lowing his voice some. "Maybe it's time we look for somewhere to stay. Not just—not just for the night but, you know. Somewhere to live. It's already getting harder to find gas and the power's gonna stop working sooner or later. Food's going to start expiring... we can't exactly keep a garden in the car, you know?"
"Live?" Tallahassee, on the other hand, didn't even bother keeping his voice down. Hell, the girls'd wake up if they woke up, and hell if he cared about their beauty sleep. "Yeah, I'm sure the zombies are gonna let us just settle down and plant petunias." A place to live, ridiculous.

Nevermind the fact that Columbus was right about the gas, and the power. Hell, he was even right about the food. But settling down? That just didn't sit quite right with Tallahassee. After all, keeping on the move had been what was keeping them safe. If they weren't moving, they were sitting ducks for the zombies.
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