Welcome to my design blog!

I'm Tess, and I make layouts and tons of other free resources for Insanejournal users; I specialize in tools for RPers and game moderators, but I have tons of layouts available that fit just about any use! Feel free to browse the menu above or the extended tags page to find what you're looking for. You can also check out my shop, buy me a coffee, or make a pledge to my Patreon! And, of course, if you have any questions you can always contact me either on the contact page or on the post your question relates to. ♡

If you're here from Dreamwidth you might find my guide for how to install any of my S2 IJ layouts on DW tutorial useful! This tutorial also has troubleshooting for entry codes, so make sure you scroll to the end of the tutorial if that's what you need!

Please Note: I do not offer assistance with any sites other than IJ and DW unless it is for general HTML and CSS (ie. custom hosted pages and similar.) I cannot convert a code to a new site's rules because there are a lot of niche RP sites, and I have no way of knowing each one's limitations and caveats. Sorry about that!

Biosheet: Moody

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CDJ Bundle

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Layout: From Hell

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IC Text Messaging

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Layout: Intersectional

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How to start coding

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Playlist: The Remix

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Margin vs Padding: How to use them!

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Quick Update & Tutorial Opinion Check!

Hey guys! Just a heads up: The rest of my free August posts might wind up being lumped into September; I got pretty sick last week and I'm recovering kinda slowly (everything's fine, my lungs just hate me lmao) so I'm just trying to take it easy while I get through my meds and everything.

I'm gonna try to get one more of my planned free posts up for this month before next month, but if I can't make it happen y'know, y'know, they'll still get up! Now, moving on to fun stuff:

What sorts of tutorials would you guys like to see? I have a few ideas but I'd rather be doing tutorials for things you guys really want to learn how to do, since that's the point of 'em haha. Sound off in the comments and I'll start working on a list of tutorials for the rest of this year! ♥

Open for Commissions!


Thread Tracker: Orderly

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Layout: Compact Panel

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It's finally time!

From an updated look to repaired and completely new site features, Sanity's ultimate goal is to give users the things they need. It's 2018, and the internet is a very different place than it was ten—or even five!—years ago. The evolution of the internet means sites need to evolve with it or get left in the dust.

Unfortunately (but understandably), a lot of the tools we love to use for our journaling sites have long since been abandoned, so I decided to create an extension with the hopes of breathing new life into Insanejournal, both in appearance and function.

Whether you're a roleplayer, a personal blogger, or you post fanfiction or resources, Sanity's here to help make your experience better. Sanity doesn't focus on one type of site user so much as all of us! While the majority of us are here to roleplay and/or create related resources for the hobby, all the tools I've integrated into the Sanity extension are here to fit any need!

Read more about the Sanity extension, view the screenshot gallery, and get a sneak peek at upcoming features at sanity!

Note: The Firefox version of this extension will be released ASAP! It's ready to go! I just need to find some info that I need before I can publish it.
$34.99 USD

HTML Page: Carousel Bio


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Biosheet: Aesthetically

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Character Roster: Tweeter

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Hey guys, I've got an important update!

As you may know from previous posts since the new year, I have a pretty big project I've been working on for all of you! Lately, I haven't had the energy/time to work on both that and the monthly scheduled work that your funding continues to help create, so I've been having to put it on the back burner so that I can keep posting our free monthly content.

That being said, I recently did a check-in on Patreon with my patrons, and the majority has helped me decide that June will be dedicated to this mysterious project! As any patrons who've read the post know, this will not change Patreon rewards for June—I'm just really excited to get this project finished, and I know you guys will be too once it drops!

I'm so excited to dedicate this month to the project so that I can finally get it finished, and I also can't wait to hit July running with a renewed energy, a great new release, and (of course!) lots of fun free codes and layouts for you guys to play with!

♡ See you next month! ♡

Layout: Aerial

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Biosheet: Technologic

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Layout: Teaser

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